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  • Barbar
    The Barbar Professional 9800 Ionic Blow Dryer delivers quick drying and precision styling in no time flat! Equipped with a lightweight but powerful DC motor and built-in ionic charger, the 9800 Blow Dryer adds volume and shine while dramatically reducing frizz.
    $120.00  from Folica
  • CHI
    The CHI Rocket Professional Hair Dryer is the most revolutionary hair dryer in the industry and the latest in advanced American technology. This lightweight quiet dryer utilizes ceramic technology, negative ions, far infrared heat and low EMF to provide the healthiest hair-drying experience around. The powerful motor generates negative ions and far infrared heat with the lowest output of EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) for static free results. CHI hair dryers are famous for producing negative ions that diffuse the water molecules on the hair into micro fine particles, improving hair's moisture balance and enhancing shine while reducing frizz. With 1800 powerful watts, the CHI Rocket reduces drying time up to 50%.
    $189.00  from Folica
  • Turbo Power
    The Turbo Power TwinTurbo 2800 Coldmatic Professional Hair Dryer is handy, powerful, strong, and silent-the perfect combination!
    $129.00  from Folica
  • Parlux
    Parlux 3200 Ceramic & Ionic Edition Professional Hair Dryer features an ionic system and ceramic grid that work together to create healthier, smoother hair. The most widely used professional hairdryer is also perfect for everyday home use. The combined effects of ceramic and negative ions radiate heat directly inside the hair shaft without drying out hair's external structure. The fitted high performance motor preserves the natural moisture in the hair, making it shinier, softer, and healthier without drying it out.
    $174.00  from Folica
  • Parlux
    Parlux 3500 Super Compact Ceramic and Ionic Edition Professional Hair Dryer is extremely powerful despite its compact size, measuring only 7" by 8 1/2". Fitted with a high performance K-lamination long life motor, it is durable yet comfortable to use. Offering 2000 watts of power, the ionic and ceramic system helps the hair retain moisture, conditions hair and eliminates frizz, which leaves hair feeling smoother and silkier with noticeably healthier results.
    $179.00  from Folica
  • Sedu
    Don't be fooled by its compact size, this dryer has superior performance (over 60% more power) as compared to conventional dryers. The dedicated Ion Generator switch allows styling versatility options not available in most ionic dryers. Use the huge output of negative ions for smooth sleek styles or turn off to build maximum volume. The dryer was specially designed for stylists, with optimal weight distribution and a patented ergonomic handle for ultimate comfort and usability. This product is handmade in France by the same individual from beginning to end, to ensure the highest quality possible.
    $200.00  from Folica
  • Elchim
    The Elchim Milano Ceramic Dryer has become one of the most popular dryers among professional stylists. This balanced dryer is great for thick, coarse hair or hair that takes long to dry thanks to its ergonomic handle. Turbo Ceramic technology emits infrared heat that nourishes the hair and adds shine. Low electromagnetic emissions keeps hair healthy and is light on the environment.
    $152.00  from Folica
  • Conair
    Conair InfinitiPRO 3Q Advanced Brushless Motor Dryer delivers the drying performance of a 2000-watt professional salon dryer. Achieve significantly faster drying time with up to 70% more air pressure at a lower temperature to minimize heat damage.
    $100.00  from Folica
  • Turbo Power
    The Turbo Power Turbo 1500 Professional Hair Dryer offers fast and perfect drying results.
    $89.00  from Folica
    The SAGA II AIRSHINE Dryer breaks the style barriers with its extraordinary enlightened engineering and a radical new concept in hair styling - a lightweight dryer with phenomenal power for effortlessly flawless style. With cutting-edge technology to focus air exactly where it's needed, minimizing damage and frizz - Creating gorgeous glossy hairstyles full of life, light and movement. AIRSHINE Technology - Calibrated Precision and Control. The enlightened engineering of the high-tech SAGA II AIRSHINE dryer features cutting-edge exclusive AIRSHINE technology, perfectly calibrated for greater balance and control. Custom AIRSHINE fan blades focus the flow of air for more precise styling. The custom body and air funnel work in tandem to boost air pressure so flawless hairstyles are achieved with the perfect balance of power and heat. So every style emerges with luxurious luster, dazzling light and shine. Dual-Tech Hybrid Motor: A True Lightweight Powerhouse. Perhaps the most dramatic breakthrough in the SAGA II AIRSHINE Dryer's enlightened engineering is the revolutionary Dual-Tech Hybrid motor, delivering the best of AC and DC motors: the phenomenal speed and supercharged power of an AC motor, but the lightweight handling and agility of a DC. Exceptional Design - And A Longer Lifetime. The SAGA II AIRSHINE dryer's breakthrough Dual-Tech Hybrid motor is lighter, more powerful and far quieter than single-technology dryers. Even more astonishing, the Dual-Tech Hybrid motor lasts three times longer than professional AC motors and six times longer than DC motors. The SAGA II AIRSHINE dryer-for an extraordinary lifetime of flawless style.
    $180.00  from Folica