$294.00 Clio Nightgown

• La Perla: Clio Nightgown
• Sophisticated short sleeve nightshirt.
• Luxurious ribbed fabric.
• Embroidered tulle highlights the shoulders.
• Button-up V-neckline with satin trim.
• Sizing: XS=IT/1, S=IT/2, M=IT/3, L=IT/4, XL=IT/5.
• 54% silk, 41% cotton, 2% polyester, 2% polyamide, 1% elastane.
La Perla: Clio Collection – The Clio collection is elegant and alluring. Classic styles boast of filigree embroidery while sheer tulle creates sexy sophistication. Look beautiful everyday with La Perla.
In 1954 Ada Masotti, an Italian woman full of talent and courage, began the journey towards her dream; creating an atelier of corsetry in the name of the best Italian tradition. Beginning in a small laboratory in Bologna, the Italian town renowned for its solid tradition of silk factories and textile manufacturers, Ada used her talent as a skilled corset maker to create works of art enhancing feminine beauty.

Presenting her creations in boxes lined with velvet as if they were precious jewels led to the name La Perla, representing the most feminine and harmonious gem.

La Perla evokes the characteristics of beauty and perfection coveted by the most sophisticated women in the world. Rather than simply sketching and fitting to mannequins, the La Perla designers prefer to create each pattern by draping fabric on live models, allowing for a dynamic fit and an exceptional understanding of the female form. Each La Perla collection is a gesture of love.

La Perla is internationally acclaimed as the leader in fine lingerie, recognized for its exquisite level of taste, sophistication and quality unparalleled by any other.